What the hell is this?
This is a really old website I made that predates Fool's Gold, from early 2002. Comcast randomly chose to delete it, so I'm hosting it on my own site. I don't have a lot of the files anymore because the hard drive they were on got erased and I had to rely on archive.org for backups, but everything I could salvage is here, embarrassments of youth and all. The only changes I've made are fixing most of my malformed HTML and adding this brief introductory spiel.

If any of you, perchance, have any of the missing images, I'd appreciate it if you could get them to me somehow. The easiest way to get in touch with me is probably through my message board, Fool's Gold. Just post a thread in the "Ask Dr. Stupid" forum and you'll get a response soon enough.

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pink floyd's animals | the lyrics of u2
holy sword legend 3 | the cast of ffvi

zophar's domain | gamingforce audio
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eyes on final fantasy | marathon's story

[the last battle with cefca, ff6]
[image design by yoshitaka amano]

[ultima buster, devil]
[goddess, fierce god]
[yoshitaka amano]

[exdeath, ff5]
[yoshitaka amano]

[the last battle with exdeath, ff5]
[image design by yoshitaka amano]

[neoexdeath, resident nihilist, ff5]
[image design by yoshitaka amano]

[zeromus... whatever it is...]
[image design by yoshitaka amano]

[ff4: scarmiglione, cagnazzo]
[barbariccia, rubicante, golbeza]
[yoshitaka amano]

people who really, really rock for making my life a better experience in some form or other include abyssinian_ellone, Agent Proto, Ally, Axamenta, Big Ogre Umaro, bossker, Calliope, Chickencha, crono_logical, Crunchy Beverage, Cute&Dangerous, Daryl, Del Maynard, Del Murder, Del Snizz, Dr Unne, EoFF Sniper, Garland, Jezebella, Kawaii Ryűkishi, Marak, Master Vivi, mystic ice goddess, Nait, Nicolas, Other, Rampala Quistis, Rayna, Red Wizard, repo man, Rydia of Mist, Sephiroth1999AD, Shira, Shoyku, Skye-chan, Spaceman Spiff, Spatvark, Spuuky, Squally Leonhearty, StarryPeach, Stuffed Regis, Sugpo, Summon Illusion, TheDesertFox, and some poor bums I no doubt forgot about completely. ;_;

Aaron Freed's Web Page

It was 1991 and Alexander Seropian was in his basement apartment in Chicago's Hyde Park, cheerfully blowing off classes at the University of Chicago. Normally this quiet, intense young man would be too responsible to do this sort of thing, but this day was different. Alex had stumbled upon a resounding truth while chewing his Cheerios that morning, and his whole outlook on life changed in an instant.

"It is better to be The Man," Alex realized, "than to work for The Man."

Alex scribbled out a list of career options that would allow him to rapidly ascend to The Man-hood in comfort and style. "Starfleet Commander" was out; Alex needed a short-term solution. He also crossed out "Sultan of an Oil-Rich Country," although the idea of buxom wenches feeding him goat cheese and fanning him with peacock feathers was incredibly appealing. After crossing out "Jimmy Page circa 1970," he found himself left with a single choice: "Benevolent Dictator of a Computer Game Empire."

    "If it is my fate to be destroyed,
    I must simply laugh." ~Magus

"Yar, I've been meaning to paint over that." ~Captain McCallister

*ponders on the Japanese-English dictionary that was responsible for giving us that immortal line*

*gets shot by a sniper*

These days it seems necessary for everyone to have a place on the Web, so here's mine. Heh.

I feel I should be describing myself here, but I'm not perfectly certain what to say. I'm a high-school graduate with a strong interest in gaming, music, literature, and other fields in which I can find artistic value. I've been a college student lately, but for personal reasons, I've chosen to take the rest of this semester off.

Basically, I'm a nerd. xD

Display recommendations: This page should be viewed in Medium/75% print. Otherwise, it will look really silly. And although it can be viewed in 800x600 resolution, you'll have lots of scrolling to do, so view it in 1024x768 resolution. Additionally, it would help to have the font Verdana installed on your system, as that's what this page was designed for.

Also, there are a few hidden links on this page. Do some searching; you'll find them. It's fun!

Stuff I find interesting:

- The Marathon Trilogy and its thought-provoking story.
- Games by SquareSoft, which include the Final Fantasy series, Holy Sword Legend games (Secret of Mana, etc), and Chrono Trigger.
- Music. I will soon have my own pages about that. My favorite artists include Pink Floyd, early Genesis, Yes, Radiohead, Tool, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Nobuo Uematsu, Hiroki Kikuta and Yasunori Mitsuda. But there are many, many others.
- Literature. Poetry and novels both interest me as art forms. Right now I'm just going to name Fyodor Dostoevsky, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and Sylvia Plath and say I'm done with my list, but there are others.
- Japanese. Unfortunately, I can't read it, and I only know the meanings of a few phrases, most of them game-related. Someday I'll know more, I'm sure, and I'll do better at translation than the transrators of Zero Wing did.

the final fantasy iv cast of playable characters
[designed by yoshitaka amano]

the final fantasy vi cast of playable characters
[designed by yoshitaka amano]

the chrono trigger cast of major characters
[designed by akira toriyama]

My current pet projects:

- I play the piano, and am decent at figuring out even intricate harmonies by ear on it. I am trying to teach myself guitar, but I've been troubled by having to think in chord fingering whilst doing so.
- I've plenty of programming experience, but learning C++ would be nice. *did all his HTML code with a text editor*
- Off and on for the past five years, I have been working on Marathon Chronicles, a scenario for Bungie/Doubleaught's Marathon Infinity. That will get its own section when I have finished doing the screen captures and coding the HTML.
- J2e Translations recently sent me their script for Final Fantasy IV, which completely outstrips the pile of Engrish transration embarrassment many of us knew as Final Fantasy II for eight-odd years of our life. The script isn't exactly in chronological order, and I'm having a tough time getting it to be so, but here are the parts I've managed to order so far.
- I am now writing a section on Holy Sword Legend 3, a.k.a. Seiken Densetsu 3 or the highly misleading Secret of Mana 2, for Eyes on Final Fantasy with another EoFFer, Thorn. Although our results are far from being even remotely complete, you can view the general introduction and the five character intros I've written, along with some graphics that will presumably be used in the page, here. At the moment, this page is formatted like my homepage. When more content is written, it will be formatted like the Eyes on Final Fantasy main page for obvious reasons.     
My past:

- Old signatures from my Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums account as The Man are archived here. Or at least as many of them as I can remember are archived there.
- My old web page for the now nonexistent Gold Software can be found here. It's full of broken links and was never finished or even posted, and a lot of the stuff that is mentioned there is no longer supported. It's there purely as an historical artifact.
- I'd post parts of my journal from years gone by, but I'm sure that'd piss some people off, even if I changed their names. I have posted some newspaper articles I wrote during my senior year, however.
My future:

"Won't you please
Please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am"


Completely uncertain. Heh. It'll probably have something to do with my creativity, but beyond that I've no clue. I don't even know who I really am, as the above Supertramp quote demonstrates. Actually, a large amount of that song fits me for some reason. Blimey. I doubt that's a good thing.

Page and content © 2002 by The Man. You know what happens when you mess with The Man, don't you…?

"Eff Off" ~Michael Gonzales

AaronFreedo: Could be fun. :D
Del Snizz: Or not at all. Either way, the important thing is that you tried. Unless it isn't. That just goes to show you why communism never worked. Don't do drugs, kids.

"Ack, yes, I've tried to please everybody. That's why I needed to buy so much Preparation H. It's not worth it." ~Bleys Maynard


Pretty much everything I'm working on that's remotely web-related is on hold except for the Holy Sword Legend 3 page, which is by far my top priority. The page itself is progressing very slowly because most of the work I'm doing at the moment is the gathering of information for an extensive catalog of equipment, monsters, and dungeons which can't be finished until the information is complete. I'm also working on compiling Final Fantasy VI information for Eyes on Final Fantasy; between those two projects and my typical forum activity, I have very little time to work on such things as my personal page and the J2e script. If that's a disappointment, I apologise, but yeah. ~A.F., July 5th


I love Sarah.